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The outpouring of support from around the world has been heartwarming to everyone in our community. The Napa Valley spirit of collaboration is remarkable. Our thoughts remain with those impacted by the wildfires, including the more than 13,000 people whose jobs are supported by the tourism industry.

We understand the visuals of the Northern California Wine Country fires have left a lasting impression that much has been destroyed, but the physical effect to Napa County is limited.

The fires burned predominantly in the forested hillsides. The well-known Napa Valley floor, located between Highway 29 and the Silverado Trail, saw little to no impact. No hotels in Napa County burned, and the two affected by smoke damage will be fully open by the end of October. Literally, hundreds of wineries and restaurants are currently open to welcome visitors. The air-quality as returned to normal levels and all regularly trafficked roads are open.

Now, from mid-fall to spring, once the grapes are harvested and the temperatures are perfectly mild, the Napa Valley becomes a haven. Whether it’s the autumn colors, yellow mustard amongst dormant vines or spring blooms, each invites an intimate atmosphere, creating a chance to explore the Napa Valley and reinvigorate.

To truly help Napa Valley and the surrounding areas, your visit is the most important step to recovery. Whether for a week, a day, a glass or a meal, now is the perfect time to experience the Napa Valley spirit.


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No need to be concerned with driving, navigating, or knowing where the preferred wineries are, let us handle those logistics for you. As your guide and driver we’ll gladly accommodate your specific requests, winery choices, as well as make any tasting appointments needed. The Wine Country experience extends beyond the wineries, this region offers truly world class restaurants as well. If you would like dining suggestions or reservations, consider it done.

  • Your own experienced guide & personal driver at a fraction of the cost of traditional tour services
  • More flexibility, and the value that comes with utilizing your own vehicle
  • Customized itinerary & winery choices that accommodate your tastes, preferences, and schedule
  • Experience hidden away boutique wineries providing the finest personalized tasting experiences
  • Never any hidden or surprise fees, just a simple $45 per hour rate

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